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WebOS Internals Releases AUPT (Auto Update Patch Technology)

by Robert Werlinger Wed, 27 Jan 2010 10:16 am EST

Thanks to the hard work of the crew over at the webOS-Internals group, the thought of having to remove and reinstall all of your patches every time there's a webOS update will now bring a nostalgic tear to your eye.  The Auto Update Patch Technology, released last night, changes the way that existing scripts detect the files that are already modified by a patch, meaning that once you install patches with AUPT, you'll no longer have to run the the Emergency Patch Recovery tool before or after a webOS update.

All you have to do to benefit from AUPT is simply to install the updated version of your patches from Preware.  While the "update-all" feature should work smoothly in most cases, there are still a few bugs to be noted.  From egaudet in the forum thread:

There are some known bumps in Preware's update-all, but no major roadblocks. The known issues and workarounds for them are:

 1) It will stop when trying to update a dependent package. The workaround here is to remove patches that depend on another patch or package that has an update. For instance the uscl memos patch depends on universal command line patch. The update all will fail when it gets to these patches, and you can workaround that by removing the uscl memos patch and then re-running update all.

2.) When the "install" part of the remove/install update process for a patch fails, Preware's installed list doesn't refresh automatically so the failed patch still lists on the update screen as installed. You can workaround this by updating feeds or tapping "remove" on the left-over package in Preware

This is another one of those "kind of a big deal" updates to come from the Internals collective, as I know that I'm not the only one who doesn't enjoy the process of repatching every time there's an OTA update (we're at what, 9 updates at this point?).  So if you dig their work, go ahead and show the developers that bring you this patching goodness some love and hit the donate button - you know you want to.

For further discussion and for answers to any questions you may have, the folks that brought you AUPT have  a thread in the webOS Patches forum.

Thanks to dbsooner for the tip!