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webOS Internals releases native IRC client

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 10 Nov 2009 7:19 pm EST

We tend to wax poetic about the developers and their work over at webos-internals here at PreCentral, and it's pretty hard not to:  they keep kicking out amazing open source software that enhances the functionality and utility of webOS, from applications like Preware to utilities like the webOS Meta Doctor

Here's another piece of open source software to add to the list of really cool things to come out of the webOS Internals group: a native IRC client, wIRC, which can be installed directly from Preware. The application went from concept to first release in just 4 short weeks, and while in early beta (0.0.3 as of this writing), is both highly functional and very feature rich.  The user interface is well thought out, there are tons of customization options, and multiple channels can be open at the same time in multiple cards. While everyone may not appreciate the utility of a native IRC client, developers should remember that you can use IRC to interact with the webOS Internals group, and even Palm themselves.  

 Big ups to the folks who worked on wIRC, PuffTheMagic, oil, Egaudett, and the rest of the team!