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webOS kernel development continues: Overclocking, Govnah

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 22 Apr 2010 1:25 pm EDT


Our development theme continues today at PreCentral. Next up: webOS kernel development and overclocking. There has been a huge amount of movement here in the past month or so with some exciting stuff out now and coming very, very soon.

First up, the overclocking method we covered about a month ago has a new release, the Super PreKernel app. The open-source solution utilizes the original the earlier 1.4.0 webOS overclocking kernel and ties it to a clever app that gives you a nice gui for changing your Pre's clock speed with a touch of a button. Check out the videos detailing Super PreKernel and a speed comparison after the break!

There have actually been two parallel tracks for kernel development. In addition to the above, WebOS Internals has organized about an open-source philosophy and 7 principles to keep things clean, safe, and easy. What we have here is a trinity of kernel development:

  • a kernel (called uber-kernel) based on webOS 1.4.1 and patched to allow for internal temperature sensing and overclocking - it's actually in a testing feed now
  • a C-service for managing the kernel
  • an app called Govnah as a front-end for the whole shootin' match.

Development is moving along quickly with goals like keeping an eye on internal cpu temperature, easily changing clock speed, and even dynamically managing cpu frequency based on policies you can set in-app. We'll definitely let you know as this project starting hitting more milestones, but feel free to hit up the WebOS Internals forum here at PreCentral for the bleeding edge info.