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webOS.O.S. - the campaign to save our platform

by Derek Kessler Tue, 23 Aug 2011 10:19 am EDT

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is upon us. The shock of HP’s decision to cancel webOS hardware development has faded and we are faced with a new reality in which our platform has an uncertain future. While HP explores their options on how best to extract monetary value out of webOS, we’re going to go on the offensive for the future of our platform.

This community has shown great resilience in the past week in the face of uncertainty. Like you, we want webOS to continue and succeed, even if not under HP’s stewardship. Palm and webOS are special. webOS doesn’t have the biggest userbase or the most apps or the best carrier support, but it has the best fans. Bar none.

That’s why we’re launching webOS.O.S. We’re sending an S.O.S. to the world that we, the community, will not let our platform die without a fight. It’s a call to action. It’s time to let manufacturers and carriers around the world know that you want webOS and you are not alone. HP gave webOS a chance and failed – let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Twitter Mission 1: Post why you want webOS to survive, include the hashtag #webOSOS. (feel free to use #webOSOS for other webOS tweets too)

Facebook Mission 1: Give PreCentral a "Like" (go ahead and like this call to arms too) and tell your friends why they should pick up a TouchPad (if they can find one).

There’s going to be plenty more here on PreCentral for the webOS.O.S. campaign, so stay tuned!