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webOS Pivot for August, 2011 - The Play Issue

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 02 Aug 2011 3:27 pm EDT

The second issue of the webOS app catalog magazine, Pivot, has landed on the HP TouchPad, and while most of you have already start reading through this latest edition we still wanted to give you a quick review. "The Play Issue", as it is called, is one that we were really looking forward to with its anticipated piece about webOS Homebrew and quick reviews of a multitude of applications that have been released in the last month. There have been some improvements made since the first issue was released in July, and we found ourselves really enjoying the content this time around. If HP wants to call this The Play Issue, we can definitely go with that, cause this was a lot of fun to read through.

One of the things that we appreciated from this new issue of the app catalog magazine was the inclusion of instructions on how to use it. Near the start of the content we now get some decent tips on how to navigate the pages and interact with the content. Also included is a small editor's note letting us know what changes were made to the previous issue, reassuring us that they're listening if anyone ever finds an inconsistency within the content. Also new with this issue is a link to their Twitter account, @webOSPivot, which should be bringing us more content and answers to our questions between issues, though it only became active today.

While the App Catalog itself does not specifically allow us to separately browse TouchPad apps from other webOS apps, Pivot does give a good way to find some of the latest ones available for the tablet device. As you read through the very interesting stories, case studies and reviews, you'll found a number of applications that you might have missed during your past perusings of the catalog. A quick tap of the button within the magazine will let you purchase those apps within skipping a beat, so it's certain that Pivot is serving a great purpose for HP's app developers. Because this issue focused a lot on media consumption and mobile gaming, it was almost overwhelming to see all of the apps that we had been missing out on, but after a few deep breathes we got back in and kept on with the adventure (which is exactly what it felt like).

For most PreCentral readers, it's page 30 that will be the highlight of your read. "Home Free" is the title of the piece, and it's all about webOS homebrewers and their relationship with HP (specifically showing how HP supports this unofficial community). The story gives a quick plug for two other applications in the catalog, WhitePages by James Harris and Preware Homebrew Documentation by Rod Whitby, which both illustrate the exciting world of webOS homebrew. There was one small problem, though; they say that you can add patches, themes and homebrew apps by downloading the Preware Homebrew Documentation app from the catalog, which is not entirely factual (you need to install Preware or WebOS Quick Install, which are not available in the official catalog). It's certainly the best way that novice users will be able to figure out how to get the real tools installed, but the truth is slightly different from what the writers of this piece might lead users to believe. Other than that, it's a great read for new and old users alike, and we expect a lot of new users will want to get involved with homebrew once they start learning more.

In total, this issue of webOS Pivot shows 30 total applications (like Taskr, 7Digital MP3 and Comics HD) over 37 pages (which shows it is growing from last month's 22 apps in 31 pages). We would have liked to have had access to the old issues, but it looks as though back-logging is not yet available (please do this, HP!), but a look ahead at what they're bringing in September (which will be about "lifestyle, education and entertainment") leaves us hopeful that the content will continue to be filled with great topics and apps.

You can get "The Play Issue" of webOS Pivot right now by launching your HP webOS App Catalog on your TouchPad (it's automatically downloaded) and then let us know what you think in the comments below. Did this issue help sway your pocket to buy any apps yet?