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webOS Ports hackathon on Wednesday to update Internals apps to Enyo 2

by Derek Kessler Tue, 18 Dec 2012 9:24 pm EST

webOS Ports hackathon to update Internals apps to Enyo 2

Time to get your Enyo on, developers. webOS porting homebrew group WebOS Ports is staging a hackathon tomorrow to migrate a slew of WebOS Internals apps to the modern Enyo 2 app framework. The vast majority of the WebOS Internals apps we know and love, including standards like Preware, are built on the legacy Mojo framework (who would have thought that we'd be describing an app framework that's less than four-years-old as 'legacy'?), the exception being Tweaks, which is an Enyo 1 application.

Seeing as Open webOS does not have support for the old Mojo framework, Mojo being very nearly pure web code, constructed for smartphones like the Pre and Pixi, and not built for modern mobile needs, there's a need for the leading homebrew apps to be built on Enyo. After all, that Samsung Galaxy Nexus Open webOS port isn't going to be much good if it can't run apps like Preware or Tweaks.

So the WebOS Ports team has organized a hackathon kicking off Wednesday, December 19th at 3PM Eastern time (noon Pacific, 20:00 UTC) in the #webos-ports IRC channel with the goal of bringing as many of the classic WebOS Internals mojo apps up to modern standards. On the list for porting: Preware, Govnah, Lumberjack, and Tweaks. Additionally, there's a need for a file manager app, considering that none exist for Enyo 2 and really, that's something we've always thought should have been built into webOS (even if hidden away for power users).

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