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webOS Power Users: Show us your tweaks [PC Brain Trust]

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 25 Jul 2010 2:44 pm EDT

  webOS Power User

Once you get starting down the path of homebrew and patching, it can become pretty addicting to tweak the heck out of your device with your own mix of patches and apps. PreCentral forum member snowdizx put together his list of patches and tweaks that truly make his Pre a power user's dream.

After the break, find his list of patches and tweaks and settings, all done, we might add, without the need to flash a ROM, unlock a bootloader, or 'get root' on the device. Yeah, webOS is truly open even if it's not opensource.

Since today is the homebrew-aversary, we thought it would be a good time to ask our Power Users: what is the mix of patches and tweaks that make your webOS device yours?

Snowdizx's Power User Setup

  • Backup Photos - On that same note Photos are not backed up to your palm profile, so periodically mount your phone and copy off the pictures to a desktop or laptop.
  • Mobile hotspot install - Sprint only - for those users of Sprint who don't have an included on-device tethering option, this URL details how to install mobilehotspot, while you do find 'mytether' online, I do not recommend it as it no longer is a 'reliable' way to tether, it seems to change in every version of webOS.
  • Install a 'shield' of some kind to protect the phone's very scratch prone finish on the Pre. PreCentral has the Invisible Shield full-shield
  • Though it's a little complicated, you can back up your text messages and call log, here's how

Snowdizx's Patches

Install Preware from WebOS Internals - instructions are here.

  • UberKernel - If you aand care to delve into the realm of 'danger', there is a different kernel which has a number of improvements. http://www.precentral.net/webos-kernel-development-continues-overclocking-govnah
  • install 15px font patch - (this makes your text messages in a smaller font, making the webos conversations a lot easier on the eyes.
  • reduce minimum brightness of screen with the 'reduce miniumum brightness' patch, this changes the WebOS default to be zero in place of 10.
  • reduce minimum brightness threhold of LCD screen via screen and Lock control panel to your preference, I reccomend between 5 and 15 percent.
  • brighness unlinked - this allows you to change the LCD brightness seperately from the keypad brightness
    • launch brightness Unlinked on Luna Boot patch (this allows brightness to launch at luna boot)
    • brightness in device menu patch - this allows one to add a brightness entry to the device menu.
  • Audio/Video Attachments - Adds ability to attach (send) audio and video files via the Mesaging application. http://forums.precentral.net/webos-patches/226490-how-install-mobile-hot-spot-sprint-pre.html
  • install adblocker patch - this great patch from Jason Robitaille allows one to block popup ads in webos, very helpful
  • Show Actual Battery Percent - For those of us who want a better view of what your device status is, this patch will give you the actual battery percentage, rather than a GUI percent mapping.
  • Ringer Switch Icon - This adds a mute icon to the top bar when the ringer switch is set to silent mode.
  • Improved Photo Naming - (there are 2 seperate packages, based on PRE/PIXI) This patch will make the camera application save a more useful output format.
  • Smiley faces in symbol box - For old PalmOS users, one of the neat features of the PalmOS messaging app was easy access to smiley faces, this patch returns that functionality to the symbol box (orange key - sym button)
  • get more mileage out of your palm pre's LCD screen by increasing the icon density of the screen. I personally prefer the 4x4 Icons v3, but this is really a user preference, try any of them out, one by one, and if you don't like it uninstall and try a new icon density patch.
  • Battery Icon as Percent - of the battery icon patches, I find this one to be the best looking of all of them and it simply shows a percentage number to the right of the battery which changes based on the current battery level
  • Alarm daily options - If you use your phone / calendar for alerting, this allows more robust day options to be added to the dropdown list
  • Install virtual keyboard - Do you feel the WebOS lacks a soft keyboard option, this patch is for you, it installs a soft keyboard to the lower half of the LCD screen by double-tapping in the gesture area(the area between your home button and the lower part of the LCD screen)
  • Fullscreen mode browser - This patch allows the URL bar to disappear when scrolling down, similar to Apple Safari mobile browser behavior
  • Data in device menu - this allows you to easily turn off your data connection on your phone, thus squeezing more time out of a battery when you know you won't be near power.
  • GPS in device menu - this allows you to add a gps toggle to the device menu, turning this off when not in use will also help battery life.
  • Disable charging alert sound - allows you disable the chimes when the phone is being charged or uncharged.
  • Allow browser in low mem patch - this patch allows the web browser to startup in situations where you would normally get the 'out of memory' error.
  • add date - MM/DD patch - This patch allows one to have a simple date in the top menubar, spaced nicelyl to the left of the current time.
  • match state to area code - This patch adds all the area codes in the US, similar to how PalmOS did, and alerts you to what area of the country is calling you by state if a contact is not listed in your WebOs device.
  • notification repeat patches (email, calendar, phone) - each of the notification patches will allow a reminder of 2 minutes to audibly alert you to a notification.  Webos only does this once by default, it does however provide the visual indicator after the first audible notiication.
  • SMS Tone per Contact - this patch adds a message tone field to all your contacts. this allows you to set different SMS sounds based on which user is contacting you.