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WebOS Quick Install v3.0 Now Available

by Jason Robitaille Tue, 02 Feb 2010 4:51 pm EST

Interested in Homebrew apps or patching? The single best way to start is with WebOS Quick Install. A few days later than expected, WebOS Quick Install v3.0 has been released (well, technically 3.01, but who's counting)! This update brings along with it many user-requested enhancements and several long-overdue updates. Here are the more important items from the change log:

- added support for AUPT
- added update checker
- fixed issue where patch settings were saved to a wrong directory
- added patch updating on Online Repository tab
- fixed "This is a webOS application." nametags in Device Management
- added dynamic webOSDoctor downloader
- fixed issue preventing webOSDoctor jar detection

First and foremost the big change brought with v3.0 is that patch updating in WebOS Quick Install has been overhauled to conform to the current AUPT format. If an update is available, it'll show as such on the Online Repositiory tab of the Tweaks section. Best yet, with AUPT, you won't need to uninstall patches prior to webOS updates.

Also notable is that WebOS Quick Install now periodically checks for updates, so you won't need to keep checking the forum thread for version changes. In addition, the webOSDoctor downloader has been updated so it'll always download the current webOSDoctor for your devices.

The full change log, download link, and the rest of the details can be found in the official PreCentral forums thread.