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WebOS Repair Utility hits version 2.0

by Jason Robitaille Tue, 16 Mar 2010 4:38 pm EDT

WebOS Repair Utility hit the big version 2.0.  After several months since v1.9, this update will come as a welcomed release for many, especially as v1.9 only supported webOS Sprint/Bell devices and webOS 1.3.1 European devices.

Here's the full change log from the WebOS Repair Utility forums thread:

v2.0 - March 15, 2010
- No longer version/carrier restricted
- Grabs stock md5sum list from selected webOSDoctor
- Fixed diff generation
- Added safeguards to prevent/deal with connection errors
- Improved scanning efficiency
- New md5sum reader class
- Dynamic webOSDoctor downloader (like in WebOS Quick Install)

Obviously the biggest improvement, by far, is that it's no longer carrier/version dependent.  Previously, users would have to wait for  WebOS Repair Utility to be updated for every new device and new webOS OTA update. This was both annoying for users and annoying for the developer, me. With v2.0, this restriction is gone and WebOS Repair Utility will now work with any carrier/version, as long as the webOSDoctor matches that carrier/version.

Better yet, now that md5sums are grabbed from the selected webOSDoctor, if you used MetaDoctor to create a custom webOSDoctor, you can repair your custom webOS build with that same webOSDoctor.

Lastly, the third biggest change was the improved connection handling. Previously, there was the dreaded "Error 5". In short, WebOS Repair Utility will reconnect when such a disconnect is detected. An update long-anticipated, for those who previously experienced this error.

The end result of v2.0 is a much stabler scan, that only took about 10 minutes on my device. WebOS Repair Utility is now available in its PreCentral forums thread, and as always, is free.