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WebOS Repair Utility updated for webOS 1.2.1

by Jason Robitaille Sun, 11 Oct 2009 2:30 pm EDT

Now that Bell Palm Pre users have gotten the webOS 1.2.1 update, it was just a matter before Palm released the 1.2.1 webOS Doctor.  So today, with the release of the updated webOS Doctor, it was only fitting to update another recovery type of program, the totally-unofficial WebOS Repair Utility.

We previously covered the initial release of WebOS Repair Utility two and a half weeks ago and it's come pretty far since then. For those unaware, WebOS Repair Utility can scan the program files of your device, comparing them to the stock files in webOS Doctor, and offering the ability to restore conflicting or missing files. The big advantage being that it doesn't wipe your personal data and settings, like using webOS Doctor would. Here's what you'll find new in the latest version:

v1.6 - October 10, 2009

  • Updated for v1.2.1 webOS Doctor
  • Better first-usage handling of webOS Doctor
  • Faster filechooser loading
  • Distinct separate md5sum lists for Sprint and Bell
  • Now properly handles the WebOS Internals patching system
  • Wider layout
  • Now able to fully handle exiting mid-scan


The big two changes worth recognition are that it's fully webOS 1.2.1 compatible (so no more having to doctor back to 1.2.0; you can give WebOS Repair Utility a chance and if it doesn't solve the problem, you can always use the new webOS Doctor to get back to 1.2.1) and almost as important, this new version is fully compatible with the WebOS Internals patching system. This means means not only that scans will avoid properly patched files, but they'll also check on the well being of the file backups.

Always good to have options during sticky situations!