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webOS Summer Meet Ups

by Sharon L Copeland Tue, 10 Jul 2012 9:44 pm EDT

summer webOs meet up newsAs you know summer is upon us and we are sweltering under the blistering summer sun. We at webOS nations would like to know what you are doing between the family reunions, vacations and over the top weddings? Why not fit in a webOS meet up between those family functions?

It would be a fantastic way to spend with friends to catch up on what’s new and exciting with Open webOS. You could chat about all the new apps coming in to the App Catalog. Meet other developers and speak to people working on open webOS at some of the events. The world is your webOS oyster.

So get out of the hundred degree heat, grab a drink, and have a great conversation with your local webOS family. And if you happen to be in the Dallas area, there's going to be a TouchPad+Pre3 drawing!!! (update)

Here's what's coming up in the world of webOS meet-ups: