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WebOS to Support Palm OS Emulation!

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 01 Apr 2009 9:12 pm EDT

Update:  Dieter has posted up his Palm Pre 3rd Party App Video Walkthrough! At the 9:25 minute mark is where you'll see Dieter attempt to touch the "Classic" icon, and asks what that is, and the guy tells him that they'll talk about that later. ;-)

Update 2: the Emulator will be supplied by MotionApps.

I just finished getting a great Palm Pre app walkthrough from Palm (video coming soon!), but this couldn't wait for the upload to finish.  There was one app that Palm didn't want to talk about (but we suspect will be revealed tonight) the "Classic" icon you see above with a logo of a Palm device and a decidedly "Mac OS 9 Classic" feel to it.

Don't blink: Palm looks as though they are going to support PalmOS apps on the Pre and webOS via some sort of emulation app!

Since the day that Palm announced their new webOS, Palm loyalists have been hoping that the new platform would somehow support Palm OS emulation so that all our Palm OS apps would be compatible on the Pre and future Palm webOS devices.  The Pre's app library just got a lot bigger.

(Per the comments, here is your obligatory "this is not an April Fool's Day Prank" disclaimer.)