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webOS tablet due by March [rumor]

by Derek Kessler Wed, 19 Jan 2011 8:36 am EST

Thus rumor comes from DigiTimes, so just get out your salt shakers now, but if they’re to believed, we could be seeing the first webOS tablets shipped as early as March. This may or may not conflict with yesterday’s report from Engadget that showed the 7-inch Opal tablet wasn’t due out until September; for all we know DigiTimes is talking about the 9-inch Topaz. This does match up with HP’s statements to expect the webOS tablet to arrive early in 2011, and DigiTimes previously reported that HP had contracted Inventec (makers of the Barnes & Noble Nook eReader tablet) for 6-7 million webOS tablets in 2011. We’ve got less than three weeks until we hopefully find out for sure.

Source: DigiTimes; Via: Electronista; Thanks to akitayo in our forums for the tip!