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webOS Weekly - April Fools?

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 01 Apr 2011 2:48 am EDT

webOS Weekly is a new series created for sharing the small bits of news going around the webOS community. From blog posts, to YouTube videos, to interesting tweets, to stories in the news. This series is about you and the cool things that you are talking about all around the web.

Today is April 2nd, and that means April Fool's Day has just passed and a lot of pranks have been pulled. While this series is definitely not an April Fools joke, we can't promise that all of the stories we mention below are entirely legit. If you're like us and decided to stay inside for most of the day yesterday, then this should be just what you need to get caught back up over the last week of webOS news.

If you have any of your own stories to share in a future issue of the webOS Weekly, send them in an email to tim@precentral.net.

Check out what's been happening this week just after the break.

From the Blogs:

  • Geoff Gauchet (@zhephree) has been pretty busy lately with releasing a new app for the untappd crowd, a new service for inspiring app designers, and a lot of other things (including a future wedding). So we can't blame him for wanting to outsource his neato! browser extension development. Click through to see how you can help with Safari and Firefox development.
  • Rob Thuleen, an app developer, is getting ready for future development projects for the TouchPad, and he explains why he made that choice to rebuild his apps for the tablet over development for the Veer or Pre 3 on his blog. Everyone has their own reasons for development choices, but some of us still think developing for smartphones right now is the way to go.
  • After having attended the webOS Connect Event in London a few days ago, Thomas Curtis gives his thoughts on what HP should have included in their presentations. The event may have gone over well for some of us, but as Thomas says, there are still some gaps to be filled in.
  • Ian Beck is the developer of newly released TapNote 1.2 app (not to be confused with TouchNote - though we did do a quick review of it here). In his latest blog post, Ian goes over some basic lessons that he has learned through the developing of his app, and goes into a discussion that almost becomes something of a behavioral science for developers. Enter his dream and add your comments by clicking the link.
YouTube Videos:
  • It may not be meant to show on TV, but fan rubenkz has created two radio commercials to share what he thinks would be a good direction for HP to go with their radio ads. With a little bit of polish and an actual spot on public radio, it would be cool to see how people react to them.
  • In webOS 2.1, one of the more useful Exhibition features is that of the Agenda view, which pulls in events from your calendar and displays them. Patch developer thfcme thought it would be great to allow the user to select their own background for this mode of viewing, and uploaded a video to show how that is possible with his latest patch creation. Click the "1911" in the bottom right corner of the video to add a bit of fun while you watch, too.
  • The webOS Baby, world's youngest webOS fan, has returned in another video to show just how much he loves his Palm Pre. He'll even pick it over a toy, or a book! If you ask us, that's a pretty smart kid. Who needs a book when you have a Palm Pre?
What do you say on Twitter?
  • John Kneeland (@SirKneeland) is one of the newest additions to the Palm Dev Relations team, and he is already using his envious new powers to find out things about his device that he never knew before (nor did many users). Like how to toggle between 2G and 3G connection on a Pre 2 (to save on battery life or improve service quality).
  • Every day, @HP_Touchpad releases another edition of the "TouchPad Daily" to share some of the bigger stories that they gather from the webOS community that is on Twitter. Besides reading PreCentral every day, you can also check out that daily collection of stories to keep up with all of the latest webOS news.
  • HPStartupCentral is an initiative by HP to encourage small businesses and developers to get involved with the opportunities that HP is offering to the world. Connor LaCombe is a 14 year old webOS app developer with a lot of potential to build great things. Put the two together and you get a new interview video for the webOS community to get behind.
  • Mock The Afflicted is a fairly new website created and managed by Ben Fysh to make fun of bad app reviewers in a fun new way with the community. It had taken a while to get going again, but it looks like Ben is back in action with new updates every few days.
  • James Harris has been a webOS developer almost from the start, and he has proven himself time and again that he is dedicated to the platform. So yesterday when he announced that he was quitting mobile development indefinitely due to some upsetting circumstances, quite a few people rushed to him to find out what was going on. Luckily, it was all just for a bit of fun. He got a lot of us there, that's for sure.
There's always a lot more that's going on in the community than we can put here in one post, so watch out for next Saturday as we continue the series where we will also be starting a webOS Weekly video series to join the articles. Until next week, we hope to hear from you soon with stories that you think should be shared with the PreCentral network.