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This is your webOS Weekly; a look back at events, news and activities going on in the webOS Nation. We've searched through social networks, YouTube, our community forums and all around the blogosphere to find the stories that matter most to you. If you have a story that you would like to share next week with the webOS community, send an email to tim@precentral.net so we can add it in. Now, if you're ready for a recap of the last week of news, hit the break and read on to see what we've got for you.

Latest News

  • Still looking to buy an HP TouchPad? They may not be as sold-out as we were lead to believe. Both Walmart and TigerDirect have put the devices back on sale as part of promotions that both companies were doing, leading us to believe that there are still more TouchPads sitting in a warehouse somewhere that have yet to be sold. Developers might also be interested in knowing that their device program is back up with limited stock available.
  • If you want to get a closer look at what's inside of a Verizon Pre3, the FCC has taken some photos to satisfy your interests. They've ripped the device apart and taken a number of photographs to show exactly what this device would have looked like if we had the opportunity to rip it apart ourselves.
  • Speaking of the Pre3, Ben Combee of webOS Developer Relations mentioned that the current version of webOS for this smartphone will be the last one received - the Pre3 will no longer receive OTA updates from HP.
  • Phil McKinney, Chief Technology Officer at HP, has decided that he's ready to retire from the company at the end of this year. It's another unfortunate blow to the HP and webOS teams, as he has been one of the loudest advocates of the innovative activities within both. Is this a sign that other "big thinkers" at HP are all on their way out?
  • This review may be more bitter than sweet, since most of you will never see this device in real life, but Derek has found a White 1.5 Ghz HP TouchPad in his hands and wrote a great review of it for your reading pleasure.

Around the Web

  • We all love webOS Easter Eggs, and here's another: Check out this video of the Supercowpowers Easter Egg in action by Calemb

  • On Twitter, Jeremy Thomas, the developer of Bad Kitty and current HP employee, sent out a message with an image attached and a curious "via" tag attached. What is "webOS Synergy" doing on Twitter?
  • Developers still haven't stopped releasing new apps to the TouchPad app catalog, even if webOS device production has come to a halt - Zinio Digital Magazine has released a new reader to bring all of their digital goodness right to your webOS tablet.
  • It's always fun to see webOS in random places both on the web and off, in this ad sent in by Nick Intintoli, retail store Gordman's shows what looks like an Android device running a unique version of webOS (with a red dialer). You probably won't see one of those in real life, but it's still interesting to see it used in an ad.


  • Here's a quick tip from @hedami on Twitter - flipping a card off the top of your screen doesn't kill the app, it just closes that card. If you want to kill the app entirely, pull it down and send it flying like a slingshot instead.
  • Even though webOS hardware has been stopped cold, there is still plenty of opportunity for it to show up in random TV spots. Like last week's premiere episode of the new TV show Grimm, which featured the cameo appearance of a Palm Pre 2 on screen.