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webOS Weekly - One Week Remaining

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 25 Jun 2011 5:36 pm EDT

We are one week away from the official release of the TouchPad, and things are starting to heat up. This past week has seen a lot of TouchPad news, and the community is showing a lot of life as people get ready for meetups, new apps, and of course, the TouchPad to show up on store shelves. The first TouchPad commercial appears on TV's everywhere, Twitter was taken over (again) by a promoted trend for the Veer, and Richard Kerris made an appearing on the Fox Business Network to talk about the near future.

Click through the break to read the full rundown of news for the last week, and catch a glimpse of what the rest of the world is buzzing about on social networks, blogs, YouTube and more. If you have a story you'd like to share in next week's edition of the webOS Weekly, send an email to tim@precentral.net and we'll add it in.

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  • The HUffington Post has taken a quick look at all of the iPad competitors out there, and has the TouchPad listed as number two, quoting, "it is, for desperate want of a better word, amazeballs. It promises a host of advantages over the all-conquering iPad, including a dual-core CPU, no-nonsense media handling and, joy of all joys, Adobe Flash playback."
  • While Richard Kerris has already said quite a lot on Fox Business Network, he continues that talk on Tiwtter, reminding people that there's only a week left until the TouchPad release, and that the people working on it were awesome. Of course, we already knew that, but it's nice to hear him say that, too.
  • Jimmie Geddes reflects our sentiments perfectly as he shares another demo video of the TouchPad, "I'm really hoping hp gets the message across that this isn't another "me too" tablet."
  • We know that many of you have already switched over the Android (or some other platform) to webOS, but have you seen how other people react when they first get a hold of an HP Veer? Rubenkz has uploaded a video of his colleague (a long-time Android user) using a Veer for the first time, and it's fun to see how she reacts to the card interface that we've all come to know so well.
  • User Steve Medina is having a bit of fun with demo devices at his local retail stores and loading up HPwebos.com on the Playbook and Xoom web browsers before leaving them for the next casual browser. Our response: someone should definitely make a big image that says "Look at the HP TouchPad instead" to load up those devices. Now that would be fun.
  • Drop 1.0 is coming to webOS devices everywhere - but what is it? Developed by the same guys who built BobChatter, Drop is an app that allows you to create drawings using the touch screen and then share those drawings quickly from your device on the web. There are other apps like it in the catalog, but Drop has a simple interface that makes it easy to focus on your masterpiece, something we like.
  • @HPAcadamy on Twitter is giving away a TouchPad to college students in the US, and it's really easy to enter. Just retweet their message and wait to hear back from them. Must be 18 or older (or have an adult stand in for you), but it's cool to see them giving away a TouchPad along with the other devices they've been known to carry.