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webOS Weekly August 14th, 2011

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sun, 14 Aug 2011 1:27 pm EDT

Welcome to another edition of PreCental's webOS Weekly. where you'll get a quick look at all of the latest news from the webOS world, plus see what's going on in the community and event calendars. Up above you'll see the first ever webOS Weekly video update. If you'd like to share stories that we can put in next week's webOS Weekly, or want to leave us feedback on the video above, you can send an email to tim@precentral.net or leave a comment below. Before doing that, hit the break below to read all of the latest webOS-related news.

Latest News

  • The HP TouchPad has been given some massive price cuts all around the world, starting at $100-off in the US and going up to $150-off in Canada. With those cuts, Hong Kong and New Zealand have put the tablet device on their shelves (Australian TouchPads are on the way). If you bought the TouchPad before the price cuts were announced, check your email today to see if you have received your $50 app catalog credit yet from HP - if not, they should be arriving soon. If you're still looking for a deal on the TouchPad even after those price cuts, check out your local RadioShack to see if they have any left in stock to get an additional $75 off today.
  • While the TouchPad continues to sell in retail stores, HP is trying to give the brand more credibility in other ways. The Amazon Kindle App has arrived in Canada and webOS Pivot has landed in the UK, finally. Hewlett-Packard also gave away several hundred TouchPads to a conference filled with excited geeks at the XChange Americas Conference. Of course, we can't forget our own HP TouchPad offerings here at PreCentral - check out our store to see all of the accessories that we've just brought in!
  • For webOS smartphones there is a bit of news; the HP Veer has seen a price cut arrive in Germany, bringing the cost down quite a bit. And the Pre 3 is now on Orange UK's support website, pretty much locking in the chances that Orange will be carrying the device once it's released this year.
  • If you're waiting on the next offerings for the HP TouchPad, we've got a bit coming for that as well. The HP TouchPad 4G has been listed for pre-order on Amazon.com. The TouchPad Go 4G, what we believe is the 7" Opal tablet, has passed through the FCC to be released soon. And the 64GB version of the TouchPad is now on CarphoneWarehouse.com for £559.

Around the Web

  • The HP TouchPad launch party in the UK was quite the event, as seen in the video below. With a red carpet rolled out, dancers, singers, celebrities and plenty of webOS devices to pass around, it looks like not only was the event a success, but the guests had a lot of fun, too.

  • There are a few meetups to be added to our webOS Events page for August. First, in San Diego the community is getting together with Manny Gomez, Arthur Thornton and a few dozen others to enjoy the night out on the town on August 20th. Then on August 31st, webOS London is preparing for their first event on August 31st to celebrate the TouchPad development and community.
  • Kevin Hausmann is bringing webOS Podcatcher to the TouchPad to allow podcast listeners to grab their favorite feeds and start listening in. His video on YouTube shows some of the features of the paid version and gives examples on how to use the app, so go watch it and see what he's doing to help fill this need in the TouchPad App Catalog.
  • Even though it's a tiny device, the HP Veer is still nothing to scoff at. As Marcus Leutwyler says on Twitter, "After 2 days using the Veer as my daily phone i gotta say it's a keeper :)" We agree.
  • James Kendrick is a writer at ZDnet and seems to be a fan of the webOS platform. He's recently been giving the TouchPad an in-depth run-through, and includes blogging potential as one of the criteria for deciding on whather the device can hold up against the competition. Read on to find out if it does.

There are still plenty of stories to share from the webOS Community, and we always look forward to seeing your contributions. Don't forget to send us an email if you have something you'd like to add next week. The webOS Weekly will be back next weekend to share another 7 days of the latest news, so come back then to see what else is going on.