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webOS Weekly - Getting the goods

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 07 May 2011 2:08 am EDT

We knew last week that HP was starting to make quite a few changes in the world of webOS devices, and it's nice to have another week full of news stories to share. This past week has seen the announcement of a release date for the HP Veer 4G and it's white counterpart, a small upgrade for webOS 1.4.5 users and some good news on the developer side of things. We could almost get used to the amount of activity that's going on in our little neck of the mobile-tech-woods... almost.

Click to see what's after the break and read stories from around the web, watch a few videos and connect with other webOS users on Social Networks. If you have other stories that you would like to share in a future edition of the webOS Weekly, email us at tim@precentral.net.

Latest News

  • The HP Veer 4G has finally had a release date announced for the 15th of May for $99 (with new contract), and we are getting pumped to see it arrive on those virtual shelves of the AT&T online store. Of course, the Veer has been a bit over-shadowed by the Infuse 4G to be released the same day, but our initial looks at the small webOS device show it has some good potential to be a great smartphone. We'll just have to wait and see for ourselves though, later this month.
  • webOS 1.4.5 users haven't been entirely forgotten by HP yet and a small update has been pushed out to those who are still on those older devices. Not much there but some bug fixes, but it will be worth checking out anyway if you are waiting to upgrade to the Pre 3 later this summer.
  • We've already known that the webOS CONNECT events were going to be spreading to Paris, France and Berlin, Germany (as well as other locations) even as early as last month, but we now know that those events will be held on the 25th and 27th of this month. Read the details here.
  • Can you imagine an HP TouchPad flying in orbit around the earth with a team of astronauts? Well, it will be much easier now that HP and NASA have come to a $2.5 Billion IT deal to let HP supply them with all of their computing needs. Will NASA be running webOS on their devices in the International Space Station anytime soon? Maybe not, but it will be interesting to see what those possibilities really are.
  • HP is getting ready for some (hopefully) nice advertising campaigns to show off their latest offerings to the world, and they're bringing in th eone-two punch to try and seal the deal. Manny Pacquiao, 10 time world boxing champion, has signed an agreement with HP to help promote the TouchPad and other webOS devices to be released this summer. "Our celebrity can beat up your celebrity."

Around the Web

  • Thinking about getting a Veer 4G on the 15th? User @ColonelKernel is wondering about the availability of the headphone jack as an accessory to purchase separate from the device. We can't imagine HP not selling these as accessories, but you never know. Well, unless you DO know. In which case, care to share?
  • Sadly, while there is much rejoicing going on elsewhere, there are some developers outside of the US and Europe markets that are feeling the pressure of geo-locked app catalogs and lack of devices being sold directly to them. One such developer, Greg Roll of Australia, developer of Synergy Messaging Plugins, has decided to leave for Android because of these problems. Sad for us, but hopefully it will be another reason for HP to make some moves in other countries to sell their devices locally.
  • If you've got a spare Palm Pixi Plus lying around and want to get a look at the insides, take a few minutes to watch the DirectFix Teardown Guide on YouTube and get to know your device a little better. Unless you don't mind breaking your device beyond repair, there's no reason to rush in without knowing what you're doing first.
  • It's amazing, but there are still some people with a Palm Pre- out there in the wild, and they still do love their devices. Don't believe us? Check with @UWantTheAnswer's tweet. It's still better than plenty of other devices out there, after all.
  • The HP webOS Mobile Expressionism Campaign is well under way, and the designs that were created as an interpretation of the best apps in our catalog are making their way around the country to go on display at mobile tech events. Check out a few designs and read about the movement here.
  • The greatest compliments can sometimes be found in the way someone copies what you do. Twitter user @Novacharter found a very curious looking MP3 player looking that makes us wonder why HP hasn't approached them to change up that design a bit more.