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webOS Weekly - It's Time to Party

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 21 May 2011 6:35 am EDT

Since the launch of the HP Veer just a week ago, we've seen some shifts in the way that people are talking about the device. No longer is it a niche-phone or one with a gloomy looking future, but one with quite a bit of excitement from webOS fans and newbies alike. In this webOS Weekly, we take a look at some of the talk surrounding this new device from HP, and prepare for the future with plenty of other announcements that made their way from small-talk at the punch-bowl, all the way to the life of the party on the dance floor. 

Party on over the break to read short bits from Twitter, watch videos on YouTube and read the latest news around the web from people that are talking about webOS devices and the latest device release of the HP Veer 4G on AT&T. If you have stories you would like to add next week, send us an email at tim@precentral.net and we'll be sure to add it in.

Latest News

  • The big news story of week is obviously coming as the initial soft-launch of the HP Veer 4G on AT&T last Sunday. We've reviewed the device extensivley and answered your questions to get you ready for the powerfully tiny device, and now it's time to grab one yourselves. Get it online at BestBuy Mobile, Amazon or AT&T's websites, or head straight into the store to see one for yourself live.
  • If you've bought a new HP Veer already, don't forget to download the webOS Doctor to your computer for quick access when needed. We're not saying you'll need it often, just that it saves time later if you decide to do something to your device that makes the OS shiver a bit.
  • Looking to fancify your Clock app? Thanks to the work from Jason Robitaille and a small team of developers, you can now get a complete makeover of the Clock app to match your mood every day of the week. They've also added the ability to add the Clock to exhibition mode, if you so choose to do that.
  • Verizon and HP have worked together in a small manor to push out a bug-fix update to their 1.4.5 devices. Version has been made immediately available to all Pre Plus device owners on Big Red, but doesn't bring much besides some much-needed spring cleaning.
  • Wondering what the prices are going to be for the TouchPad and Pre3? Apparently, you can look no further than Playboy Magazine, as they have given that information out publicly in a recent article (they are just estimates by the company, though). Can't forget that Walmart has given us some details as well on the TouchPad Pricing, but we have yet to see an official announcement from HP.

In other words... (Blogs/Video)

  • In their recent article, "Smartphones: the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?" Asymco explores the simple facts on where smartphones are sitting when compared to "dumb" devices. With such a huge percentage of that market left untapped, they come to the conclusion that smartphone makers are probably not focused on beating each other as much as they are trying to convert your regular cell-phone users over to their super-devices. Wondering which smartphone is looking most comfortable for non-smartphone users? Can you say, "HP Veer 4G?"
  • If you're getting ready for the upcoming Berlin and Paris webOS CONNECT events, you might like to take a look at the overview video uploaded a few days ago from the original webOS CONNECT event in London, England. 
  • When avid webOS user Ruben K decided that he was going to go on a trip to Peru two weeks ago, he thought he'd expand his idea a little further and create a challenge for himself. What would it be like using a webOS powered device for those two weeks while travelling abroad? Well, he's answered that question, and documented his two week adventure on his blog which you can check out here.
  • Fans of Portal might get a kick out of this video from darkproteus66, who has created a new boot animation using the Portal 2 images and the HP/Palm logos. 
  • Has the launch of the Veer created any amount of increased sales for app developers in the last week? We can't be sure of every single developer out there, but Geoff Gauchett, developer of two very popular apps neato! and Foursquare, broke down the numbers for us nicely in his most recent blog post. 
  • Have someone special in your life that you want to thank or just remind them that you're thinking of them? "Reach out and TouchNote someone," as the Palm blog says, and grab this cool app (TouchNote) that sends postcards to anyone you know using images stored on your device. HP is still letting you send postcards for free, too, so be sure to send them off now while you still can.

What's new on Twitter?

  • The new WhitePages app didn't just bring much needed functionality to the app catalog, they also brought several $50 gift cards to give away to webOS users. Wondering who the winners were?
  • Twitter webOS user @r9skull wants to know "What is the best scrobbling app in the catalog?" Care to help him out with an answer?
  • If you're ever in need of a full 3D Model of the HP Veer, in both black and white models, you can thank PreNotes for sharing this link with the rest of the community, and then buy that model for $55 for use in whatever design projects you might have.
  • In India, people are already getting ready to buy the HP TouchPad. While the CEO Leo Apotheker may not grant this fan's wishes by sending him a TouchPad and Veer right now, we can hope he at least gives us release dates sometime soon.