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Yet another week has come and gone, and it's time for the webOS Weekly. Each week we look back on the past seven days of news, activities and events from the blogosphere to bring them right here for your viewing pleasure. Click the link below to see everything that has been happening in the webOS nation this past week, and don't forget to share your own stories with us for next week by emailing tim@precentral.net.

Latest News

  • If it's not enough for you to try and find one of the few HP Pre3's to add to your collection somehow, maybe you'll try to go for the white version? That's right, a Panda-white HP Pre3 was found on eBay this week, along with an Audio TouchStone Dock and a few other accessories that hadn't been seen anywhere else. While this specific WHite Pre3 isn't for sale, you never know if another one might show up somewhere.
  • Meg Whitman, CEO at HP, called an all-hands meeting to discuss the fate of webOS with those directly involved. Sadly, there wasn't much said except that they were still trying to make the best decision, but that does leave a bit of room to assume that they will be keeping webOS. If they do keep webOS within HP, only one question remains: what exactly does that mean?
  • If HP doesn't end up keeping webOS, the fine folks at Rueters likely won't be surprised. They've apparently heard from several sources that HP was seriously pondering the sale of webOS for "hundreds of millions of dollars".

Around the Web

  • There are still webOS Events to attend, as Ajay Tallam would remind us. The San Francisco/San Jose webOS Users Group is meeting once more this upcoming Friday, and they'd like for you to come along if you've got the time. They're meeting at Gott's Roadside Tray Gourmet in San Francisco at 7:00 PM, which just so happens to be across the street from OccupySF supporters (read here: lots of fun in store for attendees). If you do happen to go, plan on meeting with a few HP employees, webOS fans and developers.
  • Moms everywhere are getting in on some sweet smartphone action these days, and Life360 thought it would be fun to get into the details. In their recent Infographic (I live to read these), Life360 breaks down how 500 of their users enjoy smartphones every day, and the results are pretty fascinating.

  • The webOS Community continues to try every angle in fighting for the platform, and there is now a small push being made through an online petition. You can sign the petition to HP in requesting that they keep it alive and continue webOS tablet development by going to the website at iPetitions.com.
  • Adobe has decided that they will cease development of Flash for mobile devices, and will instead focus on a push forward with HTML 5 - but how exactly does that affect webOS users?
  • Villo.net is going cross-platform! With the cloud-service provider launching on Android "soon", developers of Villo-powered webOS apps should enjoy a nice bit of attention from other teams looking to incorporate cloud services into their products. Of course, we're happy that a well-known webOS app team is using our favorite platform to grow significantly bigger by adding other platforms, and we wish them the best of luck.
  • LearningWithCoding has uploaded a new video this week sharing all of his favorite homebrew apps (found in Preware) for the HP TouchPad.