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This is your webOS Weekly; a look back at events, news and activities going on in the webOS Nation. We've searched through social networks, YouTube, our community forums and all around the blogosphere to find the stories that matter most to you. If you have a story that you would like to share next week with the webOS community, send an email to tim@precentral.net so we can add it in.

Latest News

  • If you're still trying to get your own TouchPad, you might be interested in knowing that HP is giving away 20 tablets in their Real Steel giveaway this month.
  • We're having our own 32GB TouchPad giveaway here on PreCentral as well with the 500,000 CEO's Contest. You can see all of the video entries and vote for the winner right here. It's our way of celebrating our 500,000th member in the PreCentral forums, and to say thanks for sticking around with us for so long.
  • Since 2008 there has been a single Palm retail store remaining open at the webOS headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. Sadly, HP has decided that it was time to shut down that store on the 14th. If you want to get webOS hardware, you'll need to look to places like eBay or Craigslist; HP has made it clear that they are finished selling devices directly.
  • Hardware might be down, but the webOS developers are pushing forward. Another Weekly App Hack has been announced this week to encourage developers to build an app using Exhibition Mode. The engineers have also released an update to the Maps application on all devices, bringing an Enyo app that uses the Bing Map service to provide the GPS features from the original Sprint Palm Pre-, to the unreleased Verizon HP Pre 3.
  • While HP continues to discuss whether or not it would be wise to spin-off their Personal Systems Group, there is also talk that the fate of webOS could be decided very soon

Around the Web

  • Heiko Thies has been known by webOS fans over the last two years as the guy who brings our favorite devices to life on the big screen. He's made several fantastic videos already, including one that many of us thought Palm could have used as an official ad. Here's a new one that's recently been published that takes the classic tale of iPad2 versus TouchPad to a whole new level.

  • Still waiting for Picsel SmartOffice to arrive and give you real Document, Spreadsheet and Presentation editing? According to the @PicselUK twitter account, the app should be ready to release to the TouchPad App Catalog very soon.
  • Speaking of app updates, CompanionLink, which syncs Contacts, Calendars and Memos, has been updated to allow webOS users to sync their devices via a USB cable. It's been a feature that we've been bugging the developers for quite a bit, and we're glad to see the update arrive.
  • Podcasts lovers should check out a new video uploaded by Podcatcher Delux developer Kevin Hausmann. This video shows off the major features of the application, and the fun music in the background sure helps to sell us on it.
  • There is one other way to find webOS devices and accessories if the typical eBay and Craigslist crowd aren't giving you any luck. Check out our Marketplace in the PreCentral forums to see members who are posting their gadgets for sale. We can't verify that all of these are legit, but we do try our best to make sure everyone follows the guidelines. If you're willing to try your luck there, just click this link and head on through.
That's it for this week, but there's always plenty more going on in the community that we haven't shared here. Don't forget to send your emails to tim@precentral.net with what you've been doing in the webOS world, or leave us a tip in the comments below.