webOS Weekly - October 23rd, 2011 | webOS Nation

webOS Weekly - October 23rd, 2011

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 24 Oct 2011 3:38 am EDT

This is your webOS Weekly; a look back at events, news and activities going on in the webOS Nation. We've searched through social networks, YouTube, our community forums and all around the blogosphere to find the stories that matter most to you. If you have a story that you would like to share next week with the webOS community, send an email to tim@precentral.net so we can add it in. 

Latest News

  • It was hardly even a month ago when Shane Robinson was put in charge as HP's Chief of Strategy and Technology (and webOS), but already he has made the decision to retire from his position and start living the good life elsewhere. With no one set to take his place, we aren't sure what that means for the future of webOS, but we at the very least we can say that more change is still coming this way.
  • Our old friends the Palm Pre and Pixi (as well as their Plus models) have gotten a pleasant surprise from an update to YouTube. Now that the video sharing service is pushing their content out using HTML 5, all webOS smartphones young and old can play back the media in the browser without a problem.
  • The TouchPad has received an update this past week, bringing the version of webOS on the tablet to 3.0.4. The latest update includes some bug fixes and small enhancements throughout the OS, and also a fancy new Camera app for taking videos and photos. Good news: this latest update also (finally) allows users to leave comments right here on PreCentral from the TouchPad.
  • Is HP getting ready to start making Windows 8 tablets this next year? It's very possible, though we aren't necessarily too thrilled about what that could mean for webOS devices.

Around the Web

  • A few weeks ago we celebrated our 500,000th member by announcing a video contest to give away a 32GB TouchPad. Well, you've spoken and our winner has been selected. Check out Christopher Thomas' proposal in our winner announcement post here.
  • That's not going to be our last giveaway, though. We're helping MakleSoft with his own Twitter contest to give away an HP Pre3 and an HP Veer (both QWERTZ versions). Get all of the details here and head to Twitter to enter for yourself.
  • Famed webOS developer Geoff Gauchett has written his own proposal to HP this week. Speaking for the community, he's listed 5 things that he believe HP can change to make things right by those loyal to the platform. We agree - HP, make it happen!
  • We know, not everyone who has a TouchPad has a webOS Smartphone, but pairing your devices via Bluetooth are still very possible (with the latest update to webOS 3.0.4). In this video from LearningWithCooking, you can learn how to connect your phones to your TouchPad with no problems.

  • There's another video that has popped up this week from Usher and David Guetta that shows off an HP TouchPad as clear as day. It's a music video for the new song Without You, which lets us see a bit more of what HP was planning with product placement in various forms of media. You can watch it here.
  • TouchPlayer 1.0.5, a media player for the TouchPad, has been released to a custom feed in Preware. If you haven't added the custom feed, you'll still only see 1.0.2 available in the homebrew catalog, but follow the instrctuons at this link and you'll get the latest version, and future visions, of the neat video player by nimocorp.
That's it for this week, but there's always plenty more going on in the community that we haven't shared here. Don't forget to send your emails to tim@precentral.net with what you've been doing in the webOS world, or leave us a tip in the comments below.