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webOS Weekly - One Week Later

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sun, 10 Jul 2011 3:44 am EDT

It's been a little more than a week since the HP TouchPad was released to the public, and people are still talking... a lot. This week's webOS Weekly takes a look at all of the talk from blogs, tweets, photos and videos all around the web. To put it bluntly, it's beena  fun week (and not just because we got a cool new gadget to work with). Click through the break below to read about the latest good times in the webOS community, and send us an email at tim@precentral.net with any stories you'd like to share next week. We'll be glad to add them in!

Latest News

From the Web

  • If you enjoy the multi-tasking capabilities that are built into webOS 3.0 on the HP TouchPad, you're gonna love this next app coming from Inglorious Apps. Check out the video demonstration of the new Glimpse app that was uploaded onto YouTube to get a sneak peek - we're waiting patiently for the official release!
  • App developers, read this short blog post at webOS-fan blog, If Not Now, Then When? It's a great piece that takes a look at optimal ways to promote and pitch your applications to the public. Something everyone always wants to improve (unless you're Rovio, of course).
  • If you're a "Suits" TV show fan from the network USA, you might have noticed a scene with a familiar webOS device. Twitter user @EJSHoe certainly saw it, and took a picture so that we could take a look. Just goes to show, you always have to have your eyes pealed and your camera handy for these quick clips.
  • For twitter user @harlanhaskins, finding like-minded folk in northern parts of South Carolina is most efficiently done by asking on the interwebs. For webOS users, though, we recommend checking out our webOS Events forums to find some groups to get involved with. 
  • TheNextBench is a blog powered by HP to talk about computers, mobile devices and anything related to HP-tech, and they're making videos for us to watch on YouTube now, too. Check out this one where they talk about fun and games on the TouchPad, and check out their channel for more video updates in time.
  • If you need some help figuring out how to convert your existing apps from Mojo to Enyo to release for the HP TouchPad and soon the HP Pre 3, Ian Beck has some tips to help get you started at his blog here.
  • There are video reviews of the TouchPad cropping up everywhere, but that doesn't mean we are getting tired of seeing them. This video by the LA Times Reporter, Nathan Olivarez-Giles, is a good and honest one about the good and bad features of the TouchPad. You can only go into so much depth in a 3:26 minute video, but this has given a number of people a good taste of what the TouchPad offers, and by making a good point about HP hardware at the end, Nathan has given us something we can get behind in this video review.
  • We keep getting more emails and tips from you guys about upcoming webOS-related events, so we thought it was finally time to update the webOS Events for July page over here. Take a look to see if any events are coming to your area, and let us know if you'll be showing up at any!