webOS Weekly September 18th, 2011 | webOS Nation

webOS Weekly September 18th, 2011

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sun, 18 Sep 2011 12:49 pm EDT

This is your webOS Weekly, a compilation of all of the latest news and events going on in the webOS Nation. Just like always, this week we've got stories from all over the world from developers, fans and official news updates from HP. You can hit the break below to see what we've seen going on in the past seven days. If you have a story you would like to share with the webOS community here, send an email to tim@precentral.net and we'll be sure to add it in next week!

Latest News

  • At least two law firms have files class-action lawsuits against HP for their lack of communication and consideration for investors and shareholders that had bought into the opportunities that webOS was said to be bringing. 
  • We've had plenty of rumors and discussion going on this week about what companies might be interested in working with webOS next. The latest possible bachelors; HTC, Qualcomm, Samsung and Facebook - though each of these have already either denied the claims or not commented. No matter what companies are interested in webOS, though, we're still waiting on HP to say something official about the future of the platform; something that couldn't come soon enough.

Around the Web

  • Esteban Camacho has had an interesting adventure over the last few months. After his home was broken into and his computer stolen, he was left with no choice but to use only an HP TouchPad and webOS smartphone as his daily computing driver every single day. Through it all he was giving us regular updates about his trials and activities, but now it's all come to an end. Esteban is getting ready to buy a new laptop, but you can read his final thoughts about the experience here.
  • webOS User Jodi Hansen has made a statement on Twitter about the app catalog situation in Australia, and asks that developers make sure to submit their apps to the AU catalog at the same time that they submit to other regions. Can't forget about our friends down-under!
  • James Kendrick from ZDnet has shared a video on YouTube of his favorite apps on the TouchPad. You can watch it below and see if there are any you might like to grab yourself.

  • Looking to play Super Mario World on your TouchPad? Well, the app catalog will have you set with the SuperNES app by dtzTech, but if you want to see a video of the game in action first, look no further than this one by coffeeandsugar.
  • Our very own Jonathan Ezor has been around the webOS App Catalog more than a few times, so when he gets excited about a new app by Hedami for the TouchPad, you can bet that we do, too. In the latest batch of apps sent through to the catalog, Hedami has updated his infamous Music Player Remix to work on the tablet-sized screen. 
  • If you are still trying to get a TouchPad, don't forget that you can still buy one for a very reasonable price on eBay, Craigslist and elsewhere. At around $200, you won't be able to find a much better deal on a device that has been consistently sold out of every store within a few hours of being released.
  • Our community is working hard to complete the mega-list of 1001 cool ways to use an HP TouchPad. You can join in on the action here, or check out our other discussion forums at http://forums.precentral.net/ for free!