webOS Weekly September 25th, 2011 | webOS Nation

webOS Weekly September 25th, 2011

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sun, 25 Sep 2011 12:09 pm EDT

This is your webOS Weekly; a quick look at the last week of news and community events going on in the webOS Nation. This week we look at a Minecraft server for webOS fans, a new CEO for HP, a petition from fans to bring back webOS hardware, and a contest where we'll give away a 32GB HP TouchPad to celebrate 500,000 forum members. You can hit the break below to read more, and if you have your own stories to share with next week's edition of the WebOS Weekly, send an email to tim@precentral.net, and we'll see about adding it in.

Latest News

  • Leo Apotheker is out, and Meg Whitman is in. That's right, HP's Board of Directors have decided to elect a new CEO to take the place of less-than-satisfactory Leo Apotheker. Meg Whitman has stepped into the position as Top Dog at HP, and brings with her years of experience as the former CEO of eBay, and Director on HP's Board. Does this bring hope for webOS devices? Well, with a new CEO, anything is possible. Though she has stated that she will continue on with business as usual for the time being, there is talk about redirecting their efforts with the Personal Systems Group and webOS. Cross your fingers!
  • The PreCentral.net Community Forums have just hit a huge milestone! We've reached 500,000 forum members just this week, and to celebrate the event we're giving away a 32 GB HP TouchPad. You can find out more details at this page here, but you only have one week to enter - so get to work!

Around the Web

  • Want to see Meg Whitman recant the decision by HP to stop webOS Hardware production and start selling more devices? James Kendrick from ZDNet has started a petition to HP and Meg Whitman to ask them to bring back webOS devices and stop the madness that has been set in motion. You can join him and thousands of others on his blog post, and let your voice be heard in the petition at the bottom of the page.
  • There are more than a few new apps coming to the app catalog soon. Graphite for webOS, a Twitter app by Dots & Lines, is in the works and looking fantastic. Clipboard for TouchPad is almost ready as well, which will enhance the copy/paste functionality of your device. Keep your eyes open for Splashtop Remote Desktop for the TouchPad to arrive, too. It's all just right around the corner.
  • Are you a Minecraft player? If so, getting involved in the webOS Miners server should be high on your list of things to do this next week. The team, including developers and fans like Jason Robitaille, Philip Bernstein, Ben Tattersly, Cringer and others; has been busy creating huge monuments to the webOS Nation within this interesting world. You can see some screenshots of what's already been created in this Google Photo Album here, and check out huge TouchPads, Pixis, app logos and more.
  • For those lucky enough to get one, the Pre3 is starting to make its way into the world, one eBay auction at a time, and it is a fantastic device. You can read one review from PreCentral forum member jcohengd right now to see what they think, and keep your eyes open for a lot more to arrive in a similar fashion in the next several weeks.
  • Every day at PreCentral we'll be giving you great deals on products from our accessories store. In the last week we've given steep discounts on cases, batteries, protective covers and chargers, and we want to keep growing that list! Check back here every day on our homepage to see what other Deals of the Day we are offering for all webOS devices. You might just find something not worth passing up!