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webOS Weekly - TouchPad-a-Palooza!

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 11 Jun 2011 3:31 pm EDT

"The TouchPad is coming! The TouchPad is coming!" Or so the webOS fans have been cheering this past week. On Thursday, HP quietly announced the official pre-order and release dates of the new webOS-based tablet device, the HP TouchPad. Since then we've had an onslaught of chatter and bits of news to get people ready for that Holy Grail of days, July 1st, when the TouchPad will finally be found in the hands of webOS fans everywhere. We've had some other news come this past week as well, some videos from HP to take a look at, and a lot of community activity that keeps us coming back for more.

Once you jump over the break, you'll get a look at stories from around the web, conversations from social networks, videos and the latest news brought from all corners of the webOS community. If you have a story that you would like to share in a future edition of the webOS Weekly, send an email to tim@precentral.net and we'll be sure to add it in!

Latest News

  • The TouchPad is coming! HP has finally given us that little detail we've been longing for this whole time, the release date of the maiden webOS tablet device. On June 19th you'll be able to pre-order your new TouchPad from a few retailers, or you can get in line on July 1st to get one in your hands on Day 1 (don't forget the accessories, too) from a large number of retail stores (both online and off). If you're as anxious to see the TouchPad in the wild as we are, you can also head over to our new forums to discuss the device's details and to hear the hands-on reviews as they start coming in.
  • If you still want to know more about the TouchPad before diving in (and before we get our own review for you to read), you can see some videos that have been unleashed upon the web for viewing pleasure. Of course, once you do that, you'll need to head over to our Poll and let us know if/when you'll be getting a TouchPad.
  • With all of the excitement surrounding the TouchPad, it's easy to forget about those smaller devices that have made webOS a possibility from the start. The HP Veer 4G has had another commercial pop up on Nickelodeon with a new spokesperson from the world of Teenage Pop Culture. We've found the Pre 2 getting some heavy use in Botswana in a war against Malaria (with the direct support of HP), and the White HP Veer has gone on sale on Amazon for just a Single Penny (with contract).
  • In the world of apps we have both good news and bad. Just before Epocrates reminded us that they were still leaving webOS to pursue opportunities elsewhere, HP decided to shut down the App feeds for third-party use (putting an abrupt end to several services we all use very often). Also, because of the new way that app submissions are processed, some older devices that are running 2.1 are having some problems accessing the full catalog. Have no fear, though, as the community is still pressing forward. We celebrated Buy an App Day on the 6th (the second Anniversary of the original Pre), and we're giving away 100 copies of Slide RSS.

Around the Web

  • If you ever need to show someone how to install Preware on a 2.x device (it can be complicated, so maybe you need some help yourself) check out the video tutorial by DarkProteus66 to get the full step-by-step instructions on how to install the app by WebOS Internals using webOS Quick Install.
  • Speaking of WebOS Internals, did you know that yesterday (the 10th of June) was their two year anniversary? Whether you did or not, the facts are still true: WebOS Internals has done a whole lot of work for our community, and they deserve to be celebrated in a big way. Head over to their website and download some of their apps and send in a donation. It'll keep them working hard on the future of webOS Homebrew projects, and that's something we can all enjoy.
  • If you're looking for more HP TouchPad video walkthroughs, here's another by jakeludington that you may find interesting, with some feature reviews added on as well.
  • Want a hint that the TouchPad is going to get some bigger publicity than previous webOS devices? Here's your first one, Ebony Magazine has sent out a tweet telling people to go order one on the 19th and it looks like they'll be getting one as well. 
  • The Silicon Valley Palm User Group has setup their first meetup to come later this month. They'll be celebrating the upcoming launch of the TouchPad, talking about app development, and sharing stories of cool stuff in the webOS Community. If you're in the area, you should definitely get in touch with them about attending their first event on the 26th.
  • Some webOS app developers are already working on integrating their projects with the new Villo cloud-based services from WebOS World. We've got word that apps will start appearing in the catalog next week that include things like push-chat, public profiles, gifts and more. Get ready for another push in the world of apps!
  • Have you been to Google Mobile lately? Apparently while Google has been updating their mobile services for iOS and Android devices, they've also been quietly releasing the updates to webOS devices as well. We've seen it come and go on a few of our devices here, and some other members of the community have told us that they're seeing the changes. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you see in the comments.
  • Ready to kill more pigs with birds? Our very own Jonathan Ezor sent a message to Rovio asking about Angry Birds HD coming to the TouchPad, and he got a definitive "Yes" from the company. Just another thing to look forward to in a few weeks.