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The webOS Wish List: Birthday events from contacts

by Derek Kessler Mon, 27 Feb 2012 9:25 pm EST

The webOS Wish List: Birthday events from contacts

Today's item on the webOS Wish List is another one that we're dredging up from the olden days of Palm OS: birthdays in the Calendar. It's a relatively simple idea, and for those of us that have trouble with dates and need that gentle reminder, sometimes a life saver.

The webOS Contacts app allows you to save a birthday for every one of your contacts (as well as random info like the names of that contact's spouse and children, should you need reminders there too). But the only place you can see that birthday is in the contact itself. Handy if you want to check when your Aunt Gertrude's birthday is, but not handy for that reminder when you're looking at the next week in your calendar. What's needed here is relatively simple, and that’s for the Calendar app to scan the Contacts database for birthdays, and then display them on the appropriate day such that tapping on the event loads the contact. Little birthday cake icon optional (but encouraged).

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