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The webOS Wish List: Threaded Email

by Derek Kessler Mon, 30 Jan 2012 5:44 pm EST

Gmail does it. iOS does it. Heck, Outlook 2003 did it. What is this mysterious it? For those of you that didn't read the title of this post, it's threaded email, and three years in it's still not present on webOS. This webOS Wish List item is a pretty simple one, and it's ubiquitous in its nature. iOS, Windows Phone, and even BlackBerry have threaded email support built in, while Android has it for Gmail and third party email apps. webOS? It does not, and it's making me sad.

As some of you might be aware, I recently picked up an iPhone for my Sprint line - don't panic, there's still a Pre3 on AT&T, two TouchPads, and a stash of other webOS phones and accessories around the Kessler house. But one of the things I was most looking forward to was getting threaded email. And then I was disappointed and turned it off, because it doesn't do a good job of threading together sent and received images, which in my Gmail-trained mind makes it a useless option.

But webOS, that's worse. There's simply no threaded email, especially with the absence of any third party apps. So here's the deal: I want threaded email, and I want it to be like Gmail. I want to be able to tap on a conversation, get a list of emails from that conversation - sent and received, and then tap on one to view it in a fourth column. Yeah, being all sorts of ambitious here, four columns! Okay, so it's a bit more ambitious than throwing in a new Bluetooth stack or adding a button to access data already in the App Catalog, but is it a lot to ask for in 2012?

Have your own thoughts on this wish list entry? Of course you do - the comments are below. Surely you have your own ideas as to what ought be on the webOS wish list, and so we've created a forum thread just for what is sure to be an awesome discussion.