Weekly App Hack for 12-18 October: Exhibition Mode | webOS Nation

Weekly App Hack for 12-18 October: Exhibition Mode

by Derek Kessler Thu, 13 Oct 2011 6:22 pm EDT

Last week, HP put out to the webOS developer world a challenge: design and submit an app in a week that will convert text to speech. Apart from the code, HP didn’t put any stipulations on how the app was to work. This week, while they’re judging the submissions from the previous week, they’re putting developers on notice again, this time putting forth an even more open-ended challenge: make something that uses Exhibition Mode.

Exhibition Mode is the passive display mode that a webOS devices (running 2.1 or higher) enters when placed on a Touchstone charger. The built-in options are merely a clock, calendar agenda, and photo slideshow. A small but growing number of apps utilize Exhibition on phones and the TouchPad for a number of things, from displaying the weather to sports scores to a little bit of everything (Glimpse and Flixi). The motivation for picking Exhibition Mode for this week’s App Hack was made pretty evident in the blog post announcement, calling it “one of the most under-appreciated features of webOS.” We can’t help but agree.