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by cybernova Thu, 16 Dec 2010 5:10 pm EST
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weTwit is a Twitter client.
Do not miss any new tweet or direct message thanks to notifications.
Shared pictures and videos are displayed as thumbnails.
You can visualize the profil of your friends and followers or any user of Twitter and their last tweets.
weTwit allows you to obtain information about users of Twitter and to follow them using the search menu.
weTwit doesn't store any data to ensure you get the real information of your Twitter account, even if it has been modified from another Twitter client (friends, direct messages, timeline, etc).
Of course, tweets can be replied or retweeted, photos can be shared and links can be shortened. Tweets content can be copy-pasted.
Please contact us for any feedback : palm@cyber-nova.com.
# version 1.4.5 pictures are uploaded to Twitpic # version 1.4.4 timeline issue fixed # version 1.4.3 - Dark theme added - display of source # version 1.4.1 - faster loading # version 1.4 - added mentions - watch friends and followers - tweets can be copy-pasted - notifications can be silent, vibrate or ring - bug fixes.

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