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What are your favorite travel apps? [PC Brain Trust]

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 14 May 2010 10:56 am EDT

We've been spotlighting our own favorite apps on a regular basis here (and by the way, we'll have those Featured Apps coming soon - technical difficulties caused some delays), but truth is: our members' collected wisdom is greater than ours. So we're introducing the PreCentral Brain Trust. You tell us in the comments what the best stuff is, we gather up your favorites, and report back on what's hot.

First up: Travel apps. There are plenty of travel apps in the App Catalog to choose from, from FlightView to TripAdvisor and many in between. So we're asking: which travel apps are the favorites of the road warriors and frequent flyers amongst you out there in PreCentral nation?  Which ones could you simply not do without?  Let us know in the comments!