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What kind of Open webOS device do you want?

by Derek Kessler Fri, 21 Sep 2012 8:41 pm EDT

What kind of Open webOS device do you want?

With Open webOS gaining a serious install-anywhere avenue thanks to the release of an OpenEmbedded-enabled version, we've been sitting here wondering for a while what all our soon-to-be-favorite open source operating system might run on. It's already been booted on a variety of devices, including the all-in-one Raspberry Pi mini computer, but there's a whole wide world of devices out there that could potentially run Open webOS.

There's the obvious devices that already run webOS: smartphones and tablets. While nothing is sold right now that runs the OS, it was still designed with mobile touch interfaces in mind. But that's not all it can or will run on. OpenEmbedded opens the doors wide - wide enough that even HP's dreams of webOS on everything could someday come true.

So what would you have? Are you content with just a webOS tablet or smartphone, or do you really want to run Open webOS on your laptop and your printer and your television and your toaster?