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What's the most you'd pay for a webOS app?

by Derek Kessler Mon, 21 Sep 2009 9:18 am EDT

Palm Pre This came up during our most recent PalmCast Live, and we thought it'd be worth asking all of you: what is the most you'd be willing to pay for a webOS app? Obviously, the price you'll be willing to pay will be dependent upon the application (Documents to Go is worth more to customers than Bejeweled, and rightfully so), but think of the most complicated in-depth application you can see yourself buying, and then think how many bucks you'd be willing to fork over for that app. Do you see the App Catalog becoming something like the 99¢ wasteland that is the iPhone App Store, or will we be paying $5 or $10 a pop like we did back in the days of Palm OS? Or will we land somewhere in the middle, as with the BlackBerry App World?

Hopefully soon we'll be able to get a definitive answer on how much developers plan on charging. September 24th, perhaps?