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Where's webOS 2.2.4 for the Veer?

by Derek Kessler Thu, 19 Jan 2012 6:02 pm EST

The update to webOS 2.2.4 landed for the Pre 2 and Pre3 a month ago. It brought a few minor updates for the Pre3, but also enabled messaging sharing and Skype calling for the Pre 2. That brings two of the three webOS 2.x devices up to the latest version, but somebody's still missing out on the party: HP Veer owners.

The Veer shipped in May 2011 with webOS 2.1.2 and has not seen an update since. Not getting Messaging sharing with the TouchPad wouldn't be a huge deal if it weren't for two things. First, we were promised an update for the Veer, and (second) that update was supposed to enable Touch-to-Share for the little Veer, finally taking advantage of that communication coil embedded in its back.

Now, we understand that the Veer was never a big seller for HP, despite their advertising efforts. Even at its low pricing it was a difficult pitch compared to similarly-priced (or cheaper) smartphones from other manufacturers. But there are certainly more Veer phones in the hands of users than the never-available-through-carriers Pre3, no?

We have no doubt that HP was working on webOS 2.2.x for the Veer when the phone shipped. Sure, the Veer was never a flagship phone, but you'd think that Rubinstein's primary phone would get some official love. Hmmm, HP?