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White processor-bumped 64GB and black 4G TouchPad due in August, Opal and Pre3 by fall

by Derek Kessler Mon, 04 Jul 2011 10:52 am EDT

Hold tight to your TouchPads, people, because things are about to get rocky. We’ve received a confidential HP product brief that outlines some of the future for webOS devices. The HP TouchPad’s only been out for a few days, but HP’s already got their next moves planned out.

Coming in August will be a new white TouchPad that will come along with a spec bump. It seems that only the “white glossy” TouchPad will be receiving the upgrade, which will come with 64GB of storage space and an upgraded processor chip. We’ve heard rumblings that a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon might be in the wings.

Additionally, the AT&T cellular version of the TouchPad is due in August, and it’s due to be branded as 4G. The presentation indicates that the 32GB version will be available with support for AT&T’s faux-G 4G HSPA+ network, and apart from the addition of the new radio, won’t differ from the current 32GB TouchPad. More - including th Pre3 and Opal - after the break.

Looking past next month (is August really next month? Yikes), HP expects to launch the Pre3 and Opal in the “fall.” Autumn does fall past HP’s announced summer availability for the Pre3, though it could be that the Pre3 will launch in Europe by summer’s end as so many European retailers expect, with US availability slated for the fall. Don’t throw a riot in the comments – we just had them repainted.

The Opal, if you’ll recall, is to be HP’s 7-inch webOS tablet. We haven’t heard a lot about the Opal since design documents for it and the TouchPad (née Topaz) were leaked way back in January. It popped up again in tooltips for app pages, but has since disappeared. This mystery tablet (perhaps to be branded as the TouchPad7) is expected in the fall as well, but any other details about it are lacking at this point.

A few other notes from the presentation: As we’ve heard a few times, HP’s acknowledged that supply of the 16GB TouchPad is extremely limited, and is encouraging retailers to push the more expensive (and higher profit) 32GB version whenever possible. All TouchPad accessories are also “under constraint”, but there’s not really anything they can push potential customers to in lieu of those. Retailers are under an ad embargo date of July 17th, meaning that up to that date the only TouchPad advertising we’ll see should be from HP, giving them complete control over setting the message for at least the start.

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