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Whitman: decision on webOS to come “in the next two weeks”

by Derek Kessler Wed, 30 Nov 2011 11:30 am EST

Three weeks ago HP CEO Meg Whitman told webOS Global Business Unit employees that she was still pondering what exactly to do with webOS, saying that HP would make that decision “in the next three-to-four weeks.” As was noted on last night’s PalmCast, we’re now into that three-to-four-week window, though Whitman has given HP a little bit of additional wiggle room.

In an interview with French news site Le Figaro, Whitman said that HP “should announce our decision in the next two weeks,” which pushes the decider deadline back to the middle of December. If you’ve been following webOS for any amount of time, you’ve likely gotten used to the waiting game, though we’re not sure which is worse: a vague “in the coming weeks/months” or getting a time frame and having it get pushed back. Granted, it’s only been by a week; we can’t imagine that a week’s delay will have all that big of an impact on the grand picture. Any announcement about a sale or resumption of webOS product development will result in at least several more months of waiting before actual product becomes available.

But there’s more to the interview. In fact, it’s the very next sentence after she touches on the fact that this decision will affect the 600 employees left in the webOS GBU. Whitman says that HP needs “to have another operating system.” Now, what exactly she means by that, we’re not entirely sure, but it seems to indicate that she doesn’t want to put all of HP’s eggs in the Windows 8 basket. That explains why webOS is still in contention for staying an HP property, but it also leaves open the door to them going with another OS, such as Android.

Source: Le Figaro (translated)