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Whitman noncommittal on what HP's doing with webOS talent

by Derek Kessler Tue, 19 Feb 2013 7:10 pm EST

Whitman noncommittal on what HP's doing with webOS talent

We've already talked a lot about what the talented folks that remain at HP working on webOS are doing, but with everything going on at HP, it's fair to ask if they've reevaluated their priorities. CRN sat down with HP CEO Meg Whitman and asked her what she was doing with the "remaining talent from the webOS team".

As is typical of most CEOs discussing internal operations when things haven't gone as they were supposed to (and as with most of the answers given to the fifteen 'tough' questions CRN posed), Whitman was purposefully noncommittal and vague, going so far as to not even mention webOS in her answer. She said that "there is immense talent at HP, talent that may have been overlooked before" and that her "first choice" when adding personnel to part of the company "is to go find the talent inside HP".

While that could be read as HP taking engineers and developers and the like and sending them to webOS or HP grabbing those employees from webOS and sending them elsewhere in the Palo Alto giant is an unknown (see paragraph two), we can't say we've heard of any mass movements into or out of the Sunnyvale offices of the webOS Global Business Unit/Gram. That hasn't stopped the folks at the webOS GBU from consistently and insistently hiring new people on board and actively even recruiting from outside the company, though there's a lot to fill after the post-shutdown exodus.

The takeaway? HP is still a company in flux. They might have a shiny new executive center and Whitman might be well into her second year as HP CEO, but it's going to take a long time to get HP back on course following a year of the most extreme corporate dysfunction we've ever seen.

Source: CRN; Thanks to Vistaus in the forums for the tip!