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Whitman on webOS: "It was good, and we didn't even get a chance."

by Derek Kessler Fri, 02 Dec 2011 5:08 pm EST

HP CEO Meg Whitman is at it again, pounding the pavement for webOS. While we’re still waiting for HP to announce its decision regarding our favorite operating system, Whitman can’t seem to stop talking about it, or at least she can’t seem to stop getting asked about what HP plans to do with it. Recently she was in front of a meeting of HP employees where the subject of webOS came up. According to webOSFrance, Whitman reportedly told the ~1,000-person crowd that “webOS is a terrific operating system,” and followed that “It is a shame what happened with the tablets and webOS, because for version 1.0 of those tablet and software, it was good. And we didn't even get a chance to get to version 2.0 and version 3.0.”

Whitman also admitted that supporting their own OS is an expensive proposition, but that HP is “working on some innovative solutions that I think are gonna be quite positive.” We’ve still got several days to go before her latest two week decision deadline is up, but all indications seem to be that HP plans to keep webOS and go big by doing so.