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Most of the time when something passes through the FCC, it’s with the intent to market and sell that product to the public. Not so if you’re HP. No, you go to great lengths to get FCC certification for products you have no intention of selling. Case in point: the Wi-Fi-only TouchPad Go. This not-as-mobile brother of the 7-inch 3G/4G TouchPad Go that cleared the FCC just under a month ago just got cleared itself today, which makes us chuckle. And cry.

If you’re wondering what happened here, it’s highly unlikely that HP intends to restart continued production (though we love a good surprise, and could use one) of the TouchPad line, let alone the smaller Go series they never even announced. The most likely explanation is that whoever is in charge of getting HP products FCC certified neglected to pick up the phone and call the certification lab to tell them to stop. This is the same company that was ready to take legal action against itself because the right hand wasn’t talking to the left, so anything’s possible.