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Will the Kindle app come to webOS?

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 25 Oct 2010 8:48 am EDT


One of the core apps we've been missing on webOS: a Kindle reader. Yes, it's available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, but we've been waiting. We have a tiny glimmer of hope, but not enough to actually believe that it's on the way just yet. Amazon's job board has several listings for Software Development engineers that suggest that a webOS client for Kindle is on the way. The relevant text from the job postings...

Amazon Kindle is a revolutionary reading device, the #1 best-selling product on all of Amazon, and one of the most innovative and fast growing businesses at Amazon. Amazon has also developed significant digital and mobile businesses include Amazon MP3, Amazon Video on Demand, IMDB, Amazon Mobile store, and Audible. Many of these applications run on a range of mobile platforms including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and WebOS.

...unfortunately doesn't make it clear that Amazon is developing a Kindle app for webOS - just that Amazon already does have apps on webOS (specifically the MP3 store). Now, there is at least one position, "Software Development Engineer - Digital and Mobile Platforms and Applications" that is definitely part of the Kindle team and definitely asks for previous webOS development experience along with experience on other platforms, but for now we're going to file this one under wishful thinking.

Of course, we sort of expect / assume that HP's newly beefed-up developer relations team will be hard-charging to get Kindle on webOS before the PalmPad is released in early 2011. It's one thing to lack a Kindle reader on a 3.1" 320x480 screen, it's another thing entirely to lack it on a tablet.

Source: Amazon Job Board; via ireaderreview.com; Thanks @mikecompeau!