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Will Palm Pre iTunes Sync Be Stopped Again?

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 08 Sep 2009 3:13 pm EDT

The story of sync with the Pre and iTunes is long and bumpy, but ever since Palm started spoofing Apple's USB manufacturing ID, it's worked and worked quite well. We've all been waiting for the other shoe to drop however.

Al Sacco at CIO posed the question, oft-repeated now throughout the blogosphere, of whether or not iTunes 9 will break music sync for the Pre. It certainly might, and though we're no seers we can guess that Palm would be more than willing to engage in another round of cat-and-mouse with Apple on this one.

So Pre users will want to keep an eye on Apple's announcements tomorrow (and not just because I'll be pitching in with The iPhone Blog's meta-live-blog of the event), because it could bear heavily on what happens the next time you plug your Pre into your computer.