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Twitter Contest: Win an HP Veer or Pre3 – sponsored by MaKleSoft!

by Derek Kessler Mon, 17 Oct 2011 2:13 pm EDT

There are a lot of great developers in the webOS App Catalog, pumping out a lot of great apps. But it can be hard to get exposure to the masses, as evidenced by HP’s efforts like the app giveaways and Pivot. But sometimes developers just need to take things into their own hands. This week, MaKleSoft has partnered up with us at PreCentral to give away two phones – a QWERTZ HP Pre3 and QWERTZ HP Veer.

Both phones are unlocked GSM German-keyed examples of the most recent webOS phones, which essentially means that the Z and the Y have swapped places (that can be changed on the software side with the WebOS Internals Meta-Doctor), running the latest versions of webOS. And yes, you can set the language as English. So there might be a little bit of work to make it QWERTY, but hey, it’s a free phone!

Before we get to the giveaway, a little bit about our sponsor: Martin Kleinschrodt – known as MaKleSoft to the webOS community – has been making apps for webOS for some time now, including the popular SecuStore data locker and Plancastic for webOS phones, as well as SecuStore 2 and tabbed web browser Advanced Browser for the TouchPad. Martin’s one of our favorite webOS app developers (okay, we love all of them) and we’re pleased to be able to partner with him for this giveaway.

Here’s how it works: all you have to do is follow @PreCentral (that’s us) and @MaKleSoft (that’s the developer) on Twitter and retweet the following message to be entered:

Follow @PreCentral and @MaKleSoft (SecuStore2, Adv. Browser) and RT this for a chance to win a Pre3 or Veer!

We’ll let this run through the end of the week and then we’ll select one random winner to receive the Pre3, and another the Veer. It’s that easy! We’ll even make it easy for you to enter: Just click this link to get your entry prepped on Twitter. Good luck and happy Tweeting!