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Win a Subscription to Slacker Radio Plus!

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 11 Feb 2010 1:42 pm EST


Slacker Radio for webOS has finally hit 1.0, bringing the much-needed music search feature to the app. As I mentioned on this week's podcast, I like Slacker a lot - although it's missing a few webOS-specific features like controls in the notification area, the music seems to be a little better suited to my tastes than the alternatives.

Slacker also as a "Radio Plus" option for $4.99 a month that adds unlimited skips, complete lyrics, unlimited direct song requests, and a (Windows only) desktop player. If you're a Slacker fanatic, it's a nice upgrade.

Slacker has provided us with TEN Radio Plus Subscriptions to give away to you, our music loving readers! Seven of them are 3-month subscriptions, three of them are full one-year subscriptions.

To enter: First, you'll need to set up a Free Slacker account for them to upgrade. Second - comment away right here! We'll pick ten winners at random from all the comments made on this post. One comment per person. If you post more than one, we'll know and we'll disqualify all of your entries.  We'll close entries for the contest tomorrow, Friday Feb 12th, at midnight.