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by 72ka Sun, 20 Jan 2013 3:36 pm EST
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News in v0.0.9:

  • Updated to Enyo 2.5 and minified
  • New Night mode (reversed colors for reading in dark light conditions)
  • New pinch-to-font-size change (two fingers zoom)
  • New swipe left and swipe right on screen does a back or forward action (you can navigate on fullscreen to both directions)
  • New option to lock the screen to portrait (usefull when lying in a bed)
  • some fixes and enhancements

wInNeR - WebOS Intelligent News Reader
This application is a simple web reader, focused on every day mobile web news reading and decreasing the data usage. The core is something like wrapper around the Google mobile proxy and thus the web pages are without scripts, with compressed images. The app caches the whole html page and offers a very fast navigation to back or forward using buttons or gestures. The other advantage is the ability to change the font size on the fly, without touch to viewport! The app also contains an other intelligent features, like an autoscroll to desired article on the new loaded page; browsing without images and shows them only after tap to "picture", night mode reading, locked orientation etc.
The app is written in Enyo 2 framework with some webOS legacy features. The Enyo 2 is bundled with the app and it may work on any webOS device. If you like this application, you can consider donation! Thank you and enjoy the reading!

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