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Wordpress for the TouchPad: A new way to blog [video]

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 02 Jul 2011 5:01 pm EDT

With 300 initial apps available in the HP TouchPad's App Catalog, we still have a whole lot of cool things that we want to show you, including this one that comes straight from Wordpress. If you've ever managed a blog yourself, or find yourself often browsing blogs for new content to read, you've probably come across the name Wordpress more than a few times, and for good reason. Wordpress is the #1 blogging platform and content management system in the world, with more than 49 Million websites being powered by the software.

Granted, all 2.5 Billion page views each month to Wordpress websites won't be seeing the TouchPad, but it's safe to say that when HP and Wordpress agreed to make this new blog management app happen, the TouchPad got a nice slice of publicty to go with it. In fact, so many of you sent this tip in to us that Wordpress has released this app, we haven't even had a chance to stop and count them all. 

As for the app, it looks really, really clean. It takes advantage of webOS 3.0 notifications for managing new comments, provides a nice content editor for publishing blog articles, a statistics page (using the Jetpack plugin) to see how many hits you get each day on your blog, and of course all of the features that come with webOS (like multi-tasking and sliding panels) that take the Wordpress mobile experience far beyond what the competition allows. Oh, and the app is Open Source GPL v2.0, meaning you can help make it better through their developer portal.

You can grab the app for free in the webOS App Catalog and read more details by clicking the link below, or hit the break to see screenshots and a promotional video that shows off the app as it was meant to be. 

Source: Wordpress for webOS; Thanks, Everyone!