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Working in card view

by Adam Marks Wed, 22 Sep 2010 12:22 pm EDT

Card View Pressing the center button/LCD or swiping up from the Gesture Area will bring you to Card View, where you are able to perform a variety of actions to access data on your phone or manage your open applications. Of course, you can open up the launcher by tapping on the  Launcher Icon icon in the Quick Launcher Bar or by swiping up again, or you can just start typing to access universal search to find contacts, applications or more. You can also see all your open applications, swipe to the right/left to find whichever one you want, and then tap that application to maximize it. But, there is more that you can do with those cards, as well. Keep reading after the break for some other actions that you can perform while in card view.

  • To exit/close an application, everyone should know that you just need to throw that card off the top of the screen. But did you know that you can actually throw off any card that you see on the screen (not just the card in the center), as long as can see any part of that card?  So, in the screenshot above, you would be able to close Preware (card on left), the web browser, or the Phone app.
  • You can also rearrange the cards. Just like moving icons around the launcher, you can press-and-hold on any card for a few seconds to zoom out (you will be able to see about three and a half cards), and you will be able to rearrange that card anywhere just by dragging it around.
  • Another way to zoom out on your cards is to tap on the area just below your cards, but right above the quick launch bar. At this point, not only will you be able to see more cards, but you can also rearrange any of the cards just by dragging a card up or down out of the middle row and place it where you want, all without needing to press-and-hold on that card.
  • Finally, in addition to swiping left/right to scroll between your applications, you can also just tap on an adjacent card on the side of the screen to have that card slide to the center. Or, instead of just tapping on an adjacent card, pressing-and-holding on it will scroll through all your open apps in that direction, not just that next one.  Just let go when you get to the card you want.

Anyone have any other actions you can perform while in card view, that is not listed here?

Thanks to Joshua Hopkins-DeSantis for suggesting this tip

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