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Working with Dashboard Notifications [webOS 3.0 update]

by Adam Marks Mon, 29 Aug 2011 10:47 am EDT

Unobtrusive notification and the notification dashboard were truly unique aspects of a mobile operating system when webOS 1.0.1 was released on the Palm Pre. With the release of the TouchPad and webOS 3.0, much of the functionality that was present on day 1 is still around, just with a little visual make-over and a few enhancements added in.

First off, the larger screen real estate allowed the dashboard to move from the bottom of the screen (and thus taking up some precious pixel space) to the top bar, right next to the device menu on the top-right. When a notification comes in, any text will appear up there for brief moment and then convert to its app-specific icon. Just tap on that notification dashboard to reveal the specific details of each.

Just as in webOS 1.x and 2.x, you can tap on a notification to quickly jump to that specific app, interact with music controls, cycle through information (e.g. different stock quotes, sports scores, etc), or interact with buttons. Some apps still allow you to tap on the icon of the notification or the message itself to bring up the top-level of an app vs the specific section of the app, respectively (think email app vs specific email message). Or, you can always tap back on the dashboard's top-bar again to re-minimize the notifications back to their icons.

So what's new besides the visual face-lift: stacked notifications! In webOS 1.0 or 2.0, the notification may have alerted you that you had multiple emails or IMs, but you could only ever access the most recent one. Your only options were to swipe away entire set of notifications or tap on it to load up the app. In webOS 3.0, you can now triage through those stacked notifications one-by-one to see if you need to act on any. As you can see by the email notification in the screenshot, there is a divider between the notification icon and the message. This means that you can swipe away (to the right-only in 3.0) the individual message or drag from the icon to swipe them all away.



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