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Working with web bookmarks

by Adam Marks Wed, 12 Jan 2011 11:12 am EST

Just as in your browser on our PC, you are able to bookmark webpages in webOS so you can quickly return to that site in the future. Your 12 most recently bookmarks are displayed as tiles when you load up the web browser, but you can actually save any number of bookmarks to your webOS device. Those bookmarks can then be accessed by opening up the web application and swiping down from the top-left corner to bring down the Web Application drop-down and selecting "Bookmarks", or by just typing within your browser to search for them. Continue reading after the break to learn how to add bookmarks.


To save a website bookmark:

  1. Within the web app, navigate to a website that you want to bookmark
  2. Swipe down from the top-left corner to bring down the Web Application drop-down menu and select "Add Bookmark"
  3. The "Title" of the bookmark (how it will be displayed in the future) will be defaulted to the website name, but can adjust this to something more useful
  4. The URL will be pre-filled in with the web page you were on, although it can be edited if necessary
  5. The little square above the Title actually represents the thumbnail icon that will be saved for this bookmark. If you tap on that square, the webpage will be displayed with four corners of a square outlining the top-left corner of the site. You have the ability to set your bookmark thumbnail by zooming in/out (using pinch-to-zoom or double-tapping) and panning around that page until the picture you want is centered within the square. Hit "Done" when you are happy with the picture
  6. Finally, tap "Add Bookmark"

To verify that your bookmark was saved, open the Application drop-down from the top left and tap "Bookmarks". From here, you can rearrange the order by press-and-holding a bookmark and then dragging it to the desired position, or you can edit the bookmark by tapping the  icon on the right of the screen.

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