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Working with your photos

by Adam Marks Tue, 21 Sep 2010 11:54 am EDT

Photo options When you are looking at a photo on your device, there are a number of different actions that you can perform with that photo. To access these actions, first you need to load up a photo via either the Photos app or by tapping on the photo thumbnail in the Camera App. Then, you can pitch-to-zoom or double-tap to zoom to navigate the photo, rotate your phone to view the photo in landscape mode, or you can work with the various buttons on that screen, as shown in the screenshot here (if you do not see any of those buttons, just tap the screen once to make them appear).  Continue reading after the break to review what each of those buttons do.

  • The button on the bottom left corner of the screen will bring up an pop-up menu to allow you to either assign that photo to a contact, set this photo as the device's wallpaper, send this picture via email or MMS, or upload the photo to Facebook or Photobucket (if you have added the respective account to your device)
    • Both the Assign to contact and Set wallpaper options will then allow you to zoom and crop the photo as needed
  • The  Trash Icon button on the bottom right corner will prompt you to delete the photo
  • The top bar will indicate the name of the Folder that the photo is sitting in and the number of photos in that folder. Also, tapping on this header bar will take you back to the thumbnail view of that folder
  • Finally, to navigate off this screen you can perform a back swipe. This will take you back to either the thumbnail view of the folder in the Photos App or the Camera, depending on how you originally accessed that picture.
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