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WWYD For a Palm Pre? First Winner!

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 01 Jun 2009 9:21 am EDT

Friends, we are only days away from the launch of the Palm Pre.  So the time has finally come to count down to the release date the best way we know how: by announcing the winners of our What Would YOU Do for a Palm Pre? Contest!

We chose our winners based on some rough categories of challenges and among the several dozen entries we received offering to get a tattoo, the man you see at right got the nod. Say hello to Lou, aka hoffman109 in our fourms, who got his first and only tattoo in order to win a Palm Pre from PreCentral.net.

Watch the video above for all the gory action and details (and apologies for the cussing that occurs towards the end, but it is a tattoo parlor, after all).  You can also check the full HD version here.  We'll be announcing the rest of the winners as the week progresses and showing of their crazy antics in video form.

One more shot of Lou's epic tattoo after the break.  Congrats, man! Truly, you deserve this Pre.  Stay tuned - we're announcing a winner every day through Friday!

[music by Killbotz]